Story synopsis:

“Pumpkins protect the world from monsters!”

The Dancing Pumpkin is the heroic leader of the secret pumpkin world. One day the tiny messenger pumpkin, Perkalese, brings him news about a plot by an evil ogre named Finkgrinder to unite monsters against the human world.

It is the duty of all pumpkins to protect kids from monsters, so The Dancing Pumpkin quickly forms a plan to stop Finkgrinder. With help from his monster fighting team of Heather, Chris, and Perkalese, the Dancing Pumpkin leads the way on a thrilling adventure to stop the Ogre.

At lightning speed, the children travel inside Giant Royal Thunderbelly pumpkins following the Dancing Pumpkin to Finkgrinder's castle. Along the way, they are menaced by witches and helped by two comical skeletons named Helgi and Finbogi. In a dramatic finale, the Dancing Pumpkin and his friends succeed in foiling the Ogre’s plot.